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Yes, I apply a 20% discount to the mix if there are three songs or more. Discounts do not apply to recording sessions.

Yes, recording is no problem, but it’s important to have the multitrack for mixing. Not having the tracks limits the potential of the song and limits what I can do. I don’t accept mixing without multitracks.

The schedule is usually always full for a few months. Because of this, it is advisable to schedule in time. What I also advise is to schedule – at least – one day per song. Because the ideal is, at the end of each session, to leave the studio with a ready-made theme. In the case of the Album/EP, it means reserving the necessary days for the songs that will make up the project and adding one or two more days – without commitment – to accommodate any delays.

Not exactly. Our focus isn’t making instrumentals, although we know how to do it and one of us – Prisma – does it regularly.

We don’t do songwriting either.

What we can and usually do is advise, suggest and/or make changes, both to instrumentals and lyrics, if you are willing to do so.

I can work on the song on one of my rest days. However, the hourly rate doubles for recording. If it is an urgent mix, an extra 40% will be added to the value.